About Us

Often times, people aren't sure how to convey to potential places of work that you're capable, competent and willing. Maybe the people you surround yourself with have the mentality that when you find a reliable job, you don't just up and leave it because you wanted to be challenged. You stick around and are grateful for what you have.

If you're stuck and don't know where to turn, we're happy you've found us. We've been there and wanted to find a way to help. We wanted to create a place where female empowerment doesn't mean that we shake pom-poms at each other for painting our nails. We need the empowerment that equates to championing each other's personal and professional pursuits. A place where we don't tolerate any self-hatred and actively act to combat that imposter syndrome that we all face.

Career Conductor is the place where saying “I really want to achieve X” is met with supportive questions like “How are we going to get you there?”

We want to bring you the community that we've worked so hard to grow for ourselves. A community that will raise you up and support you. To meet you where you are, and help you get where you’re going. A career conductor, if you will. 

We wanted to let you in on our brand values, what leads our decisions everyday:

People First  

We’re all unique. We’re in this to unlock everyone’s individual unique potential. It’s in our DNA to treat people well and as equals. Our mission is all about community first. We’re committed to being self aware enough to work on our own limiting beliefs to be the best version of ourselves.


As a brand, we’re committed to supporting each other’s growth in our own personal and professional pursuits as well as yours. Let’s stop measuring ourselves against each other and start finding power in where we are. We’re all about purging the normalcy of self deprecation. 


We’re true to ourselves, and you’re true to you. Leading with vulnerability that lets you in and helps you feel connected to who we are. Imperfect humans striving to be the best version of ourselves.


A driving undertone of the brand is striving to be the best. We have high standards, we’re always looking forward and we’re comfortable with being uncomfortable. Let’s challenge the status quo together and ask for our best.