The 12 Minute Timeout

Well, I can honestly say that I wasn’t prepared for this. On my to-do list, I didn’t have anywhere “Prepare for a pandemic.”

Dealing with the overwhelm

The struggle is real, you guys. I have a roller coaster of emotions that goes from a brand of “I got this” that I like to call the “YIPEE-KAY-YAY” to the “HOLY SHIT” brand of “I don’t got this.”

I think this goes without saying, but I’m not alone. You have it too, don’t you? You ride that roller coaster through not just when you’re chasing that big hairy goal, but basically life in general. I’m the girl that’s just a few cars behind you. We’re roller coaster buddies!.

Friends don’t let friends stay stressed

It’s true. I won’t let you stay stressed. I worked with a life coach and she got me to write out a Self-Care List.
The list looks something like this:

  • Have a solo dance party
  • Go stare at the ocean
  • Make an Instagram story
  • Play Ukulele


I’d be lying if I told you that they worked 100% of the time. However, it’s a LARGE percentage of the time that doing one those list items will pull me right out of my funk/overwhelm.
Recently, I discovered this brand new thing that really friggin helps.

The 12 minute timeout

How does it work?
As soon as you’re feeling stressed and you’re staring at that task list and you feel like you can’t do it. STOP. Put it down. Walk away. “But I don’t have time to walk away!” I heard you say that. You do. YOU HAVE 12 MINUTES. This takes 0 set up and it there is nothing to clean up after you’re done.

My version?

  1. Go away from the place that I was just feeling stressed.
  2. Set a 12 minute timer on my phone.
  3. I sit under a blanket. No phone, no NOTHING.
  4. Literally do nothing but breathe/relax for 12 minutes.

That’s it. I usually make it about 6 minutes before I check my phone for how long is left. I’m still working on it, hahaha. When I’m done? I feel better. Ready to tackle that list that was just overwhelming me.

Take it one thing at a time, roller coaster buddy. You got this.